Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

Automated Attendant is essentially a phone system with computers that answer incoming calls giving the caller a choice of options. Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc. Most if not all, Voice Processing systems (Voice Mail) include telephone auto attendant but it can be purchased separately if Voice Processing is not required. Auto attendant phone system installation is not a major job, however having auto attendant telephone systems can put off potential customers.

The first thing to be aware of when planning a phone system with auto attendant implementation is that in the UK callers as a rule, do not like them. For this reason Phones4Less generally advise using them for "overflow traffic" and not for answering all calls. Whilst it is inevitable that most organisations will implement this technology eventually, we should remember that current attitudes are different towards automated attendant UK from those of Americans.

You should put great effort into planning a telephone system auto attendant implementation. Consider designing this as a process. A flow chart is a useful tool to map caller outcomes. (We will e-mail a template flow chart should you order from Phones4Less).

On your phone with auto attendant, only give callers 3 choices at a time. By the time it says "press 5 for widgets" they will have forgotten what function option 1 performs.

Offer an escape route such as "press 0 for an Operator at any time". Arriving at a menu that does not have any options the caller wants and not having an escape route, is the quickest way to infuriate your customers.



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