Calling Line Identification is a feature that has been available in most areas of the UK for some time.

On analogue lines this feature sends information in between the first and second rings of the phone. The caller can prevent this information from being sent if they choose to do so.

As phone systems do not tend to support CLI from analogue lines you need to specify ISDN channels instead of a group of analogue lines. The Calling Line Identity can display information such as the telephone number, time of the call, the date of the incoming call and if the details are in the memory of the phone, the name of the caller.

Integration with computer software can also display the full name and address of the caller including accounts and sales analysis information. Whilst this was predominantly used by mail-order companies to identify the customer calling and their account details and other information, before the call is even answered, this is now very affordable for smaller organisations.

If the person who is calling does not wish for their information to be displayed, the information can be blocked by entering a special code prior to dialling a phone number. In the UK this is "141" and is used by only 6% of callers.



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