CTI in Plain English - 2 of 5

CTI in Plain English - 2 of 5

But "Screen Popping" is only the beginning.

Computer Telephony Integration in the 21st century can take things much, much further. This powerful functionality is no longer the preserve of large organisations with huge budgets.

Single user "Screen Popping" starts at between 200-300 and a fully blown 20 user call centre can have everything from Campaign Interactive Scripting (Telesales Scripts); Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR); Personalised (to the caller) Auto Attendant; Hot Desking; Remote Agents; Virtual Wall Boards; Real Time Statistics; Web Site Integration etc. for a few thousand pounds. Only a year or so ago, this sort of power and functionality would have been upwards of 150,000.

These options are now sold module by module, so it allows a company to start with a small budget and add the extra functionality as the company expands.

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