Complete System Examples

Complete System Examples

Each of these configuration examples show  fully itemised costings,  "pop-up" explanations for all items and links to the relevant product page.

If you are not sure exactly what you need you will find these pages invaluable. Used in conjunction with other areas of the Phones4Less site, in particularly  the Buying a Phone System section and most importantly the ISDN In English section, you will soon know as much about telephone systems as we do.

Analogue Systems.

Panasonic Entry Level Analogue with 4 ext's (2 Cordless)

Panasonic Analogue with 16 ext's & Fax Integration

Panasonic Analogue with 24 ext's, Fax, Voice Mail & Door Entry Phone

ISDN Up to 16 Extensions

Samsung Entry Level ISDN System with 3 ext's

Samsung Entry System with 6 ext's, fax & ISDN S oBus

Samsung Entry Level System at Full Tilt !!

ISDN Beyond 16 Extensions

Samsung Compact II with 16 ext's, Fax & ISDN S o Bus

Samsung Compact II with 24 ext's, Voice Mail, Fax & 2xISDN S o Bus's

ISDN Beyond 24 Extensions

DCS 40 ext's, CatV Cabling, 2 ISDN So bus's Voice Mail& Door Entry Phone



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