ISDN in Plain English - 1 of 15

ISDN in Plain English - 1 of 15

The features of ISDN probably benefit small companies more than large organisations. Despite some misconceptions it is not price prohibitive. In fact it often reduces a company's telecom spend. When anyone tries to extol the virtues of ISDN, they usually cite advantages such as speed of transmission and quality of speech. This however only scratches the surface of its benefits From a voice telecom point of view it comes down to extra pieces of information that are sent down the line (or channel in ISDN speak) each time a call is made. These extra pieces of information allow modern telephone systems to perform many added functions which bring some very real benefits to the customer. Most people have probably heard of these extra pieces of information but are not aware of all the advantages they bring. They are DDI (Direct Dialling Inwards) and CLI (Calling Line Identity).

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