Least Cost Routing in Plain English - 1 of 7

Least Cost Routing in Plain English - 1 of 7

Since the government passed a bill to de-regulate the telecoms industry, it has been possible to use alternative carriers (telecom companies such as Cable & Wireless, NTL, Energis etc) other than BT for the routing of your telephone calls. This applies to both residential and business phone lines and is possible even though BT in most cases have still provided your physical telephone lines.

Do not misunderstand, this does not mean that BT are full of benevolence, they do it simply because Oftel (government funded "watchdog" to the telecoms industry) have told them they have to by law. Poor old BT ;-))

Lets be clear here, although it is possible to have alternative companies supply the physical conection to the PSTN (public switch telephone network), this is not relevant to LCR. As far as LCR is concerned think of it as similar to a coach company taking you from London to Manchester, the coach company does not own the roads you travel on. Unlike British Rail when they take you from London to Manchester you are traveling along tracks owned by British Rail, Virgin trains however still use the same British Rail owned tracks.

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