Least Cost Routing in Plain English - 6 of 7

Least Cost Routing in Plain English - 6 of 7

Well not a catch but to obtain landline to mobile call costs of between 5p & 10p per minute, the Premicell must be on the same cellular network as the mobile that is being called. This means that to obtain maximum value, all company owned mobiles should be on the same cellular network. If they are not, then standardising the company phones so that they are should be the first priority.

Because of the huge call cost difference, payback on the cost of a PremiCell is very short, to the point that some companies have installed one or more depending on call traffic, (one PremiCell can only make one call at a time) for each cellular network. This ensures that ALL mobile calls to suppliers, customers etc are also at the reduced rate.

PremiCells do not really come under the LCR banner but if a company embark on a mission to reduce their communication costs, the call costs to mobile phones is too large a percentage to ignore. If the thought of paying so much to call a mobile is depressing you, why not Buy a PremiCell Now boat owners, caravan owners, holiday home owners, exhibitionists ;-)) frequent house movers and construction companies are also allowed to follow that link

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