Message On Hold in Plain English - 1 of 5

Message On Hold in Plain English - 1 of 5

It is inevitable that, at times, you will have to place your callers on hold, there are a variety of ways that this will be done;

1. Press the hold key and the caller will be held until you either take the call back or the recall timer in your system determines that a call has been held too long. Recall timers are a parameter that can be altered to suit your organisation's views on how long callers should be held for.

2. Press the transfer key and the caller will be held until you hang up, irrespective of whether you choose to introduce the call or just perform a blind (unannounced) transfer. In the case of a blind transfer the caller will hear ring tone at the extension transferred to until answered. A recall timer will apply to transferred calls so that unanswered transfers will be returned to the original transferor once the timer is exceeded.

3. Once a call is parked, for the purpose of making a tannoy announcement or similar, it is effectively on hold. Recall timers also apply to parked calls so it is not possible to park a call all day unless the timer is set to be several hours.

4. Pressing a one-touch extension key on systems that support one touch transfer is effectively the same as pressing the transfer key.

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