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Telephone System PBX & PABX Installation Cabling

BIG Cost Savings....without the hassle

BIG Cost Savings....without the hassle

Ref: Hassle

To SAVE THE MAXIMUM on your organisations phone system enhancements follow these instructions.

Run the Phones4Less Telephone System Configurator , using all the "Pop-Up" Help Windows and the RealCall "Instant Telephone Assistant" if required. After completing the configurator Phones4Less will e-mail you a fully itemised specification. Use this to build you hardware order, or better still contact your Phones4Less consultant who can do it for you, you may use the "Instant Telephone Assistant" to contact us at any time. There is an "Instant Telephone Assistant" link at the bottom of this page.

If you require Phones4Less to install the equipment your P4L Consultant will also arrange this. If you would like more details regarding our installation services, this link will provide you with that (P4L NNTIM). If you are purchasing an ISDN phone system, Cat 5 cabling is preferable. If you are not purchasing an ISDN system, you should probably reconsider, or at the very least make certain you understand ALL the differences between an analogue telephone system and a digital telephone system. If you are still unclear on this (see ISDN In English !) and/or discuss it with your Phones4Less consultant.

Have Phones4Less order your additional lines or services if these are required for your telephony enhancements. If Phones4Less are installing your new phone system, this is a free service. We do this every day and are more likely to get this right as we are obliged to adhere to formalised telecoms procedures. This is nearly always where things go wrong, when the inexperienced customer tries to take on BT (or another provider) without assistance.

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