Phones4Less mission statement

Phones4Less mission statement

Phones4Less have been supplying B2B telecom products in the UK via e-commerce since May 2000. Phones4Less was founded out of a telecoms value added reseller that was established in 1992.

We aim to lubricate the telecoms purchasing process through clear explanation. As the site develops Phones4Less intend to make greater use of simple pictorial explanation to expand customer knowledge. Indeed Phones4Less has already created a telecom web community that allows a "non expert" to configure, design and purchase telephones and PBX's on-line. The biggest advantage to the customer is a massive reduction in cost, which is possible because of the low cost of sale associated with an e-commerce style operation.

Phones4Less is demystifying what has historically been regarded as a complex arena, not suited to a point and click e-commerce operation. In the past customers required assistance and advice from a salesperson who would visit their premises (and often confuse or railroad).

Phones4Less subscribes to continual improvement processes and will be further improved as increasing staffing levels enable further customer support to enhance the current On-Line Telephone Assistant.



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