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If you are looking for a Telephone System, you will find this page very helpful. It is well worth taking a few minutes to view some of the items!

All the videos on this page are "Streaming" videos (which means you don't have to wait for the whole video to download before it starts to play on screen).

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These are real Phones4Less customers sharing their experiences with their new telephone system supplied and installed by Phones4Less. You can watch any of the individual interviews or better still watch the whole video with an extra informative commentary.

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Derek Wilkinson is the managing partner at Terrence Millett Solicitors in Kensington, whose company specialises in conveyancing. Derek says that purchasing capital equipment such as telephone systems as cheaply as possible is a critical factor in ensuring that Terrence Millett is price competitive. Derek acheived this without compromising functionality, the system uses ISDN30 with full "Voice Processing".

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Martin Ford of Gateway Electronics in Cheshire had investigated the market thouroughly, having looked at both local and national suppliers before finding Phones4Less. He was, to begin with, nervous about buying a telephone system over the internet. So he spoke to other Phones4Less customers on the phone, before feeling comfortable enough to order his system.

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Vincent O'Connor of Kentons PLC liked the fact that he always got through to the same contact at Phones4Less. Kentons have a number of sites around the country that Phones4Less have installed telephone systems in. You simply don't come back for more if you are not happy with things the first time around.

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David Haddow of Timescape Holidays is a specialist in offering discounted package holidays and advertises heavily on television. When Timescape Holidays get busy ....... they get very busy. Timescape Holidays system uses an advanced "Auto Attendant" and "Voice Processing" system to handle and route the calls during peak times.

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