Voicemail in PlainEnglish - 1 of 7

Voicemail in PlainEnglish - 1 of 7

Voice mail is just one of the features offered by a typical Voice Processing System. Many people unwittingly refer to Voice Mail but in fact mean to say Voice Processing. The other common constituent part of a Voice Processing System is Automated Attendant. Higher end Voice Processing Systems can include features such as; Fax on Demand (otherwise known as Fax Back), Real Time Call Recording and Integrated Messaging (for converting Voice Mail Messages into e-mail messages or vice-versa).

We do not know of a Voice Mail System on the UK telecoms market that is available without the Auto Attendant feature. Whether your organisation decides to use both Auto Attendant and Voice Mail is a question of choice. But you will almost certainly gain the option of Auto Attendant when you buy a Voice Processing System.

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ISDN in Plain English - 15 of 15

ISDN in Plain English - 15 of 15

The P4L "ISDN in English" , should give you a good grounding of what is possible using digital phone lines, but even this only scratches the surface.

The best place to go from here is the Buying a Phone System page, here you will find many more phone system "Pop-Up" help windows and the rest of the In English series and a wealth of other information to ensure you get the correct phone system specified to your exact requirements.

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