Whose Line is it anyway?

Whose Line is it anyway?

The first thing we should clarify here is that we are talking about the provision of your physical telephone wires into the building. Please bear in mind that if you do not choose BT you cannot use LCR (Least Cost Routing) as by doing so you will have committed to giving all of your traffic to the provider of the lines. When BT provide the physical string to your building they are not allowed to insist on keeping all the call traffic.

All of the major telephone companies, including Cable and Wireless offer Phones4Less substantial commissions for supplying them with customers, all that is except BT. Despite this we still strongly recommend that BT should install your telephone lines. Do not misunderstand we are not saying that BT walk on water (far from it) but our experience has taught us that in this one area BT rarely miss a deadline and virtually always get it right first time. The others however seem to always miss a deadline and virtually never get it right first time.

Bearing in mind that the others pay us substantially for providing them with customers, make of this what you will.



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