Why LCD Display Phones?

Why LCD Display Phones?

Most modern phone systems offer a great deal of help via the LCD display. See Fig 2. If the system is fitted with cheaper non display phones this is obviously then not available. The result being, your staff do not use the system to its full potential. Why buy such a great system and then strangle it? Would you buy a state of the art TV and hang net curtains in front of the screen, come to think of it would you hang net curtains anywhere?

State of the art phone systems are full to bursting point with clever, sexy functionality, too many for people to bother using, unless it is made easy for them. Again See Fig 2.

All of this is quite apart from the ability to answer in different company, department or customer names. Without the display your users cannot know what name to answer in.

If the system is installed with ISDN (as it certainly should be), not using LCD phones means some of the best ISDN features such as CLI and DDI are no longer available,



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